Several projects have started using XCB.

  • Xlib itself has replaced Xtrans with XCB for the low-level transport layer (see XlibXcb).
  • The Cairo library has an experimental XCB backend.
  • Vincent Torri has worked to port evas canvas component of Enlightenment from Xlib to XCB.
  • The recent MPX (multi-pointer) extension was prototyped using XCB.
  • Work is ongoing to port selected default X apps from Xlib and Xt to XCB.
  • awesome, a window manager, uses XCB instead of Xlib.
  • Compiz requires XCB.
  • Xine and the Kaffeine KDE frontend for Xine use XCB, and XCB fixed some previously unfixable threading problems.
  • VLC media player uses XCB
  • samurai-x, a window manager written in python. samurai-x2 uses xcb instead of Xlib.
  • Unagi, a composite manager using XCB.

In addition, there are a number of demos available from the XCB repository.