XCB  1.12
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c_client.PreCode Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self)
def start (self)
def end (self)
def output_tempvars (self)
def code (self, fmt, args)
def tempvar (self, fmt, args)
def get_tempvarname (self)
def push_indent (self, indentstr)
def push_addindent (self, indent_add_str)
def indent (self)
def pop_indent (self)
def redirect_start (self, redirect_code, redirect_tempvars=None)
def redirect_end (self)

Data Fields


Detailed Description

For pre-code generated by expression generation
(for example, the for-loop of a sumof)
This has to account for recursiveness of the expression
generation, i.e., there may be pre-code for pre-code.
Therefore this is implemented as a stack of lists of lines.

If redirection is switched on, then all output is collected in
self.redirect_code and self.redirect_tempvars instead of
being sent to the output via _h und _c.

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