XCB  1.12
Data Fields
xcb_auth_info_t Struct Reference

Container for authorization information. More...

#include <xcb.h>

Data Fields

int namelen
char * name
int datalen
char * data

Detailed Description

Container for authorization information.

A container for authorization information to be sent to the X server.

Field Documentation

char* xcb_auth_info_t::data

Data interpreted in a protocol-specific manner.

Referenced by xcb_connect_to_display_with_auth_info().

int xcb_auth_info_t::datalen

Length of the data member.

char* xcb_auth_info_t::name

String containing the authentication protocol name, such as "MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1" or "XDM-AUTHORIZATION-1".

Referenced by xcb_connect_to_display_with_auth_info().

int xcb_auth_info_t::namelen

Length of the string name (as returned by strlen).

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