XCB  1.12
Data Fields
xcb_ge_event_t Struct Reference

GE event. More...

#include <xcb.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t response_type
uint8_t pad0
uint16_t sequence
uint32_t length
uint16_t event_type
uint16_t pad1
uint32_t pad [5]
uint32_t full_sequence

Detailed Description

GE event.

An event as sent by the XGE extension. The length field specifies the number of 4-byte blocks trailing the struct.

Since some fields in this struct have unfortunate names, it is recommended to use xcb_ge_generic_event_t instead.

Field Documentation

uint32_t xcb_ge_event_t::full_sequence

full sequence

uint32_t xcb_ge_event_t::pad[5]


uint8_t xcb_ge_event_t::pad0


uint8_t xcb_ge_event_t::response_type

Type of the response

uint16_t xcb_ge_event_t::sequence

Sequence number

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