XCB  1.12
Data Fields
xcb_xkb_get_map_reply_t Struct Reference

xcb_xkb_get_map_reply_t More...

#include <xkb.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t response_type
uint8_t deviceID
uint16_t sequence
uint32_t length
uint8_t pad0 [2]
xcb_keycode_t minKeyCode
xcb_keycode_t maxKeyCode
uint16_t present
uint8_t firstType
uint8_t nTypes
uint8_t totalTypes
xcb_keycode_t firstKeySym
uint16_t totalSyms
uint8_t nKeySyms
xcb_keycode_t firstKeyAction
uint16_t totalActions
uint8_t nKeyActions
xcb_keycode_t firstKeyBehavior
uint8_t nKeyBehaviors
uint8_t totalKeyBehaviors
xcb_keycode_t firstKeyExplicit
uint8_t nKeyExplicit
uint8_t totalKeyExplicit
xcb_keycode_t firstModMapKey
uint8_t nModMapKeys
uint8_t totalModMapKeys
xcb_keycode_t firstVModMapKey
uint8_t nVModMapKeys
uint8_t totalVModMapKeys
uint8_t pad1
uint16_t virtualMods

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