XCB  1.12
Data Fields
xcb_xv_image_format_info_t Struct Reference

xcb_xv_image_format_info_t More...

#include <xv.h>

Data Fields

uint32_t id
uint8_t type
uint8_t byte_order
uint8_t pad0 [2]
uint8_t guid [16]
uint8_t bpp
uint8_t num_planes
uint8_t pad1 [2]
uint8_t depth
uint8_t pad2 [3]
uint32_t red_mask
uint32_t green_mask
uint32_t blue_mask
uint8_t format
uint8_t pad3 [3]
uint32_t y_sample_bits
uint32_t u_sample_bits
uint32_t v_sample_bits
uint32_t vhorz_y_period
uint32_t vhorz_u_period
uint32_t vhorz_v_period
uint32_t vvert_y_period
uint32_t vvert_u_period
uint32_t vvert_v_period
uint8_t vcomp_order [32]
uint8_t vscanline_order
uint8_t pad4 [11]

Detailed Description


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